<p>Searches for photos by year for which prize was awarded.</p>

<p>Searches the archive by name of photographer. For best results type family name first and then given name, e.g. Smith, John.</p>

<p>Searches for pictures by photographers of listed nationalities. If the photographer’s nationality is not known, the system assumes it to be the same as his or her postal address. If that is not known, the address of the agency dealing with the photo is assumed as nationality. This may result in some photographers being assigned a nationality that is in practice the location of their agency.</p>

<p>Searches for photos according to the media organization that published or commissioned it, or the agency representing the photographer.</p>

<p>Searches for photos grouped under one of the themed categories into which the archive is organized. These categories are explained on the This Site page. In addition to the eleven themed categories, you may search for photos that have won one of the individual awards mentioned in the list of one-off and named prizes that follows, and for those that have received a special mention.</p>

<p>Searches for photos according to the prize won within a category.</p>

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